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14e atelier de découverte de médicaments pour la neurodégénérescence

avril 26, 2020 - avril 28, 2020

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Cette interactive workshop hosted by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Fund (ADDF) is designed as an introductory course covering all aspects of drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases. AFTD Scientific Director Nadine Tatton, PhD, will chair a session entitled “Drug Discovery: From Test Tube to Animal Studies” and participate in a panel discussion called “How Do I Get Funded?”

AFTD’s partnership with ADDF advances the search for FTD treatments through the joint sponsorship of two grant programs: Accelerating Drug Discovery for FTD and the Treat FTD Fund. In early 2019, ADDF invested in ADDF’s Accélérateur de diagnostic program to develop FTD biomarkers (an investment matched by the Accélérateur de diagnostic program).


Début :
26 avril 2020
Fin :
avril 28, 2020
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