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Registration for the 2018 AFTD Education Conference is now open. Please join us in Chicago on April 13 to learn about caring strategies for today, and to discover reasons to hope for a future without FTD. Connect with persons diagnosed, their care partners, researchers, healthcare professionals and AFTD staff. For more information, visit the Conference home page.
It’s all too rare that we have the opportunity to hear the story of FTD from the perspective of persons diagnosed. That’s why we are so proud to bring you Joe Becker’s powerful new film. VJ & Chuck draws directly on the experiences of people living with FTD, including VJ Anastasia, Teresa Webb (who provides the voiceover), and many others within our community. We hope you’ll share this video widely, to help bring greater awareness of FTD.
Check out the latest AFTD Newsletter, now available online. Read stories about AFTD community members Doreen Putnam and Charles Elligson, and how their personal encounters with FTD have impacted their work as volunteers. Other stories focus on the latest in FTD research as well as AFTD fundraising efforts.