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AFTD’s Partners in FTD Care


Registration for the 2018 AFTD Education Conference is now open. Please join us in Chicago on April 13 to learn about caring strategies for today, and to discover reasons to hope for a future without FTD. Connect with persons diagnosed, their care partners, researchers, healthcare professionals and AFTD staff. For more information, visit the Conference home page.
The latest issue of Partners in FTD Care discusses apathy, a common symptom of FTD. It outlines various strategies for coping with apathy, including verbal cuing, tailoring activities to past interests, and planning structured activities. The issue also presents two views of apathy: one from a person diagnosed, and another from an FTD caregiver.
Life as a care partner for someone with FTD has its challenges, but being able to share your fears, frustrations and even your joys can help you face the disease. In our February edition of The Gateway newsletter, Dallas FTD Support Group Facilitator Doris Booth shares how joining a safe and nurturing support group can be essential to a care partner’s well-being.