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What is the AFTD-Team?

The AFTD-Team is made up of every volunteer who works to help raise FTD awareness, and all of the dedicated grassroots fundraisers who raise funds to ensure help and support for families, as well as research into better diagnosis, treatment, prevention and hope for a cure for FTD.

The AFTD-Team has raised nearly $2.1 million since its inception in 2009 – and more can be done with your help. The AFTD-Team is a force to be reckoned with. And we want you to join.

Ways to Join the AFTD-Team

There are three primary fundraising campaigns you can take part in each year to help the AFTD-Team achieve its mission. Or you can let your imagination run wild and create an event of your own to raise awareness and funds toward the fight against AFTD.

With Love (February)

With Love is an online campaign based on the day dedicated to love: Valentine’s Day. Create a fundraising page through our online platform and share your story of love. Anyone impacted by FTD is encouraged to take part. Join us in a show of force – the force of love – against FTD.

Race Season (Year-Round)

The AFTD-Team race season is our most active campaign. AFTD links up with race hosts across the country and forms teams for local community members to participate. Walk or run, there’s a race for everyone, from a 5K to a marathon! Join us at AFTD’s tent at each race, where there will be opportunities for team members to gather and connect, and for newcomers to learn about this disease.

Food for Thought (Fall)

Food for Thought (FFT) is a grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign held each year in tandem with World FTD Awareness Week, beginning the last week of September and continuing through the first week of October. During the Food for Thought campaign, AFTD-Team members across the world host bake sales, restaurant benefit nights, happy hours and much more.

AFTD logoIndependent Events (Year-Round)

Independent Events are a great way to raise awareness and funds, year-round. Do you have an idea that’s not covered by the above three campaigns? AFTD supports community members by helping them plan and execute successful events from their own imaginations. Some ideas for independent events include golf tournaments, silent auctions, talent shows, movie nights… Anything that will bring people together.

AFTD logoBusiness Donation Agreement (Year-Round)

If you have a business – small or large – and would like to donate a percentage of your profits to the AFTD, we’d love to work with you. Please read our Third-Party Fundraising Policy form, which describes the difference between a “business donation agreement” and a “fundraiser on behalf of the AFTD.” If you’d like to start the process of creating a business donation agreement with the AFTD, please fill out the Events and Promotions Proposal form and return it to AFTD.


Get Started!

  1. Sign up with our online fundraising platform, Classy, to get started on an AFTD-Team event.
  2. Contact AFTD’s Special Events Manager Bridget Graham to learn more about participating in an existing AFTD-Team campaign or creating your own independent event.
  3. Follow the AFTD-Team on Facebook for updates on events taking place across the country!