Support for Kids and Teens

As FTD progresses, it creates ever-changing obstacles and unique challenges for families to manage. Meanwhile, children grow and change. What your kids can understand about the disease, and what it will mean for their lives will evolve over the years.

Two kids sitting at a table

Children and teens can become resilient and confident adults despite—and often as a result of—adversity. Your strength will help your children feel safe and will show them how people who love each other help one another in tough times. No one welcomes the changes that FTD brings. Yet hidden within the loss is the potential for unexpected positive growth.

AFTD has resources available for parents and children that can offer support:

For Parents

What About the Kids?

This booklet offers sensitive, practical advice to parents to help their children deal with the presence of FTD in their home. Download PDF or Order a hard copy.

Talking with Children and Teens About FTD

This document provides an overview of some things to keep in mind as you plan how to talk with children about FTD. Download PDF

What to Tell the Children?

This document provides another perspective on helping children and teens cope with a parent who has FTD. Download PDF

Telephone Support Group

AFTD sponsors a telephone support group for parents who manage care for a spouse or partner with FTD and have school-aged children at home. For more information, contact the AFTD HelpLine at or 866-507-7221.

For Kids and Teens

AFTD Kids and Teens Website

This website provides a place where children and teenagers can ask questions, find answers and share experiences with peers who are on the FTD journey. There are two separate sections of this site, aimed at both kids (aged 4-12) and teenagers (aged 13 and up). Visit website

Frank and Tess – Detectives!

In this friendly activity book, FTD stands for Frank and Tess, Detectives! Frank and Tess are trying to help their mother, who is affected with FTD. There are plenty of coloring and puzzle activities that can also involve the patient. Sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Baycrest Alternative Funding Plan Innovation Grants. Download PDF

Find Help


From support groups to printable checklists, we have helpful resources whether you are newly diagnosed, a caregiver or a family member.