Research Funding Programs
AFTD supports scientists at various stages of their careers in order to advance the understanding of FTD biology and basic disease mechanisms, identify novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and develop assistive technologies that support persons with FTD in carrying out activities of daily living.

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Through various grant programs, AFTD awards millions in grants for basic and clinical research – $3 million during our most recent fiscal year alone.

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AFTD-hosted Meetings


FTD Research Roundtable (formerly known as FTSG) - a precompetitive space in which biopharmaceutical companies can engage with academia, government agencies, and advocacy groups and identify how to improve FTD clinical trial outcomes.

Holloway Summit - an annual meeting that convenes experts to focus on a specific topic to improve our understanding of FTD science.



FTD Disorders Registry  - An online database that collects information from those affected by all types of FTD.

A Voice of the Patient Report - A summary of the lived experience of FTD collected during Externally Led Patient-Focused Drug Development meetings.

Research Engagement Portfolio - As the largest patient advocacy organization dedicated specifically to the FTD disorders, AFTD is committed to helping researchers understand the diverse lived experience of FTD and providing people with FTD and their families resources to make informed decisions about participating in research. AFTD, and our partner organization, the FTD Disorders Registry, can customize qualitative and quantitative data to answer questions about community values, priorities, and concerns. To collaborate with AFTD on initiatives surrounding engagement of people directly impacted by FTD, contact Dr. Shana Dodge at

Resource List for Researchers - This list will continue to evolve as new resources emerge. Please contact AFTD at if you would like to suggest edits to this page – either additions or removals.

AFTD Research Partnerships

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