AFTD Holloway Fellowships

AFTD is proud to support two fellowship programs made possible by the Holloway Family Fund:

  • The Clinical Research Training Scholarship in FTD, made available in collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation — The application deadline for the 2023 Clinical Research training Scholarship in FTD has passed. The 2024 RFA will be available Summer 2023.
  • Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowships — 2023 RFP now available!

2023 Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowship

Made possible by the generous support of the Holloway Family Fund.

The AFTD Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowship program provides funding for the next generation of FTD researchers. By supporting talented young investigators during this critical phase of their scientific training, AFTD aims to inspire a long-standing commitment to FTD research.

Award Details

  • Duration: Two years, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of the second year
  • Amount of award (USD): $60,000/ year ($120,000 total)
  • Application of funds: Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowships are intended to primarily cover the recipient’s stipend or salary and benefits. Please see the RFP and application instructions for more details.

Timeline: 2023 Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Application deadline: February 17, 2023, 8:00 pm ET
  • Notification of awards: April 2023
  • Award start date: July 1, 2023

AFTD Application Submission Portal

Applications for the 2023 Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowships can be submitted through the online submission portal.

General Instructions for Applicants

Click here to download instructions to help you as you apply for a Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowship.

For more information:

2023 Clinical Research Training Scholarship

This award aims to recognize the importance of good clinical research and to encourage early career investigators in clinical studies in FTD.

The Clinical Research Training Scholarship, a new funding opportunity specifically for clinician scientists, continues AFTD’s long-standing commitment to supporting the next generation of FTD researchers. Funded by AFTD thanks to the generous support of the Holloway Family Fund, with additional support from the American Brain Foundation in collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology, the Clinical Research Training Scholarship supports (1) patient-oriented research or (2) translational research designed to advance the treatment or diagnosis of FTD. Eligible projects include epidemiologic or behavioral studies, clinical trials, studies of disease mechanisms, the development of new technologies, and health services and outcomes research.

Award Details

  • Duration: Two years
  • Amount of award (USD): $75,000 total/yr ($65,000 plus a $10,000/yr stipend to support education and research-related costs)

Who can apply?

This funding opportunity is open to U.S. and international applicants who:

  • Are AAN members
  • Are interested in an academic career in neurological research
  • Have completed their residency or a PhD no more than 5 years prior to the beginning of this award. Eligibility of applicants who have completed both residency and a PhD is based on when they completed residency


  • September 1, 2022: Application deadline
  • January 2023: Notification of recipients
  • July 1, 2023: Funding period begins

AFTD Application Submission Portal

Request for Applications

View the RFA details and application instructions.

To download a printable version of the RFA, click here.

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Recent Award Recipients

Clinical Research Training Scholarship in FTD


Indira Garcia Cordero_photo_2022

Multimodal evidence of the role of Alzheimer’s disease pathology in corticobasal and progressive supranuclear palsy syndromes

Indira García Cordero, PhD | University of Toronto
$150,000 USD ($75,000/year)
PI: Carmela Tartaglia

Holloway Postdoctoral Fellowships


Eric Anderson - Holloway 2022

Investigating O-glycosylation modification in C9ORF72 FTD/ALS pathogenesis

Eric Anderson, PhD |  University of Pittsburgh
$120,000 USD ($60,000/year)
PI: Udai Pandey, PhD

Suborno Jati - Holloway 2022

Deciphering the consequences of chromogranin A (CgA) depletion in tauopathy

Suborno Jati, PhD  |  University of California San Diego
$120,000 USD ($60,000/year)
PI: Renzo Mancuso

Julia Faura Llorens - Holloway 2022

Long-read transcriptomics in FTLD-TDP to aid in the identification of novel biomarkers and mechanistic insights

Julia Faura Llorens, PhD | Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB)
$120,000 USD ($60,000/year)
PI: Rosa Rademakers



Neuronal network dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease

Daniel Okobi, MD, PhD  |  University of California, Los Angeles
$120,000 USD ($60,000/year)
Start date: July 1, 2021

Hijai Regina Shin-01

Dissecting the molecular consequences of C9orf72 loss in lysosomal homeostasis and ALS-FTD disease pathogenesis

Hijai Regina Shin, PhD  |  University of California, Berkeley
$120,000 USD ($60,000/year)
Start date: July 1, 2021


Modulating TDP-43-dependent loss of STMN2 in FTD

Matthew Nolan, PhD | Massachusetts General Hospital
$120,000 USD ($60,000/year)
Start date: July 1, 2021


Ming-Yuan Su, PhD

A structural approach to rescuing C9orf72 haploinsufficiency in ALS/FTD | Basic Science

Ming-Yuan Su, PhD  |  The Regents of the University of California
$110,000 USD ($55,000/year)
Start date: July 1, 2019

Oriol Dols Icardo, PhD-01

Identification of an RNA-based biomarker for FTD | Clinical Research

Oriol Dols Icardo, PhD   |    Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
$110,000 USD ($55,000/year)
Start date: January 1, 2020