FTD Treatment Study Group

AFTD is dedicated to improving the lives of families coping with FTD and to advancing research into treatment and a cure. The Frontotemporal Degeneration Treatment Study Group (FTSG) is an AFTD program that brings together stakeholders from industry, academia, NIH, FDA and independent foundations who share a common interest in accelerating the development of effective treatments for FTD and related disorders by promoting scientific dialogue in a collaborative forum.

FTD Treatment Study Group 2021, December 8 & 9:

Innovations and Progress in Clinical Trial Design for FTD

Co-chairs: Adam Boxer (UCSF), Howard Feldman (UCSD), and Michael Gold (Abbvie)

The 2021 FTD Treatment Study Group meeting will be held December 8-9, for participation either online or in-person in Silver Spring, MD.

This year’s FTSG meeting will focus on clinical trial design for FTD with perspectives from FTD scientific experts in industry, academia, and more. The precompetitive discussions will cover familial FTD trial designs, biomarkers, benefit/risk perspectives, trial designs for rare disease, outcome measures, lessons learned during COVID-19 on adoption of remote tools, opportunities for equity and inclusion, lessons learned from other fields, and more. Click here to download the meeting agenda.

Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, AFTD will welcome a limited number of people for in-person registration on a first-come-first-served basis, with a maximum of three persons per company. The number of virtual attendees will be unrestricted. All in-person attendees must also agree to safety protocols.

For details on attending or sponsoring this meeting, contact research@theaftd.org

FTSG 2021 Organizing Committee

  • Penny Dacks, AFTD
  • Debra Niehoff, AFTD
  • Adam Boxer, UCSF
  • Howard Feldman, UCSD
  • Michael Gold, Abbvie

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Highlights of Recent Meetings

2018, Washington DC – Clinical Trials Methodology and Outcome Measures for FTD

2016, Bethesda, MD – Building an Infrastructure to Support FTLD Therapeutic Development

  • Brought together 95 participants representing 20 academic institutions, 23 pharmaceutical/biotech companies, government, and nonprofit organizations
  • Included panel discussions with industry representatives on FTD therapeutic development programs/trial design and with FDA/EMA representatives on regulatory issues
  • See event coverage in ALZFORUM.

2012, Washington, DC – Clinical Development in FTD

2011, San Diego, CA – Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) Symposium

  • Focused on clinical aspects of FTD drug development
  • Topics discussed included epidemiology; clinical criteria; cognitive, functional and imaging outcome measures; and biomarkers
  • Participants concluded that FTD trials were feasible and had the potential to benefit a broader group of neurodegenerative diseases

2011, Las Vegas, NV – FTSG: The Next Therapeutic Frontier

  • Focused on pre-clinical aspects of FTD drug development
  • Topics discussed included animal models, tissue models, successful translational initiatives in other disease areas, federal resources, and the potential for developing animal and compound registries

The proceedings from the 2011 meetings were first published by Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association in 2013: