FTD Diagnosis: Checklists for Families and Physicians

Concerned that you or someone you love has FTD?

Not all physicians know about FTD, so it is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. FTD symptoms are not always listed on patient screeners, so AFTD developed checklists to help identify red flags for the two most common types of FTD - behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD) and primary progressive aphasia (PPA).

Before your next doctor’s visit, please download the appropriate form using the links below and indicate which symptoms you or your loved one is experiencing on the front side of the document. The back of the document is designed to help your physician better understand FTD diagnostic criteria. You can always reach out to the AFTD HelpLine for more assistance at 1-866-507-7222 or info@theaftd.org.

AFTD encourages physicians to print this free FTD symptom checklist and keep it on hand as a screener for patients who need it.