The Treat FTD Fund

Leveraging scientific advances in FTD research to develop effective medications has proven challenging. The Treat FTD Fund, a major new funding opportunity initiated by AFTD in partnership with ADDF, seeks to accelerate FTD drug development by focusing exclusively on clinical trials of FTD therapeutics. Over the next 10 years, The Treat FTD Fund will award $10 million to support clinical trials of novel or repurposed drugs to treat FTD symptoms or target disease mechanisms.

Eligibility requirements
  • Investigators at nonprofit or for-profit institutions (public and private) worldwide
  • Partnerships and co-funding arrangements with industry or other foundations are acceptable
Project focus
  • Disorders across the FTD spectrum: behavioral variant FTD, primary progressive aphasia, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, and FTD/ALS.
  • Trials of novel drugs or repurposed drugs acceptable
  • Symptomatic or disease-modifying approaches acceptable
  • Clinical proof-of-concept studies
  • Pilot proof-of-mechanism studies
  • Phase 0/Phase 1 studies assessing pharmacodynamic outcomes
  • Novel trial designs, endpoints, and biomarkers encouraged

Not eligible:

  • Trials of behavioral, social, or lifestyle interventions
  • Studies limited to safety determination in healthy volunteers
Patient population
  • Study population can include individuals with genetic forms of FTD as well as those with sporadic FTD
  • Rationale for the test drug mechanism of action in the proposed patient population must be included
Award details
  • Budget range: $500K – $2 million (USD)
  • Timeframe: 1 – 3 years
Data sharing
  • Applicants must include explicit plans for sharing data and making trial results public
  • Letter of Intent: November 15, 2016
  • Full Application: February 15, 2017

To access the Treat FTD Fund RFP, click here.


To further discuss scientific or financial aspects of the proposals, please contact:

Diana Shineman, Senior Director, Scientific Affairs, ADDF

Phone: 212-901-7221/Email:

Nadine Tatton, PhD, Scientific Director, AFTD

Phone: 267-758-8644/Email:

For more information regarding the application process, please contact:

Heather Moore, JD, Grants and Contracts Manager, ADDF

Phone: 212-901-8019/Email: