The AFTD-Team

For families and friends of someone with FTD, raising awareness and funds for the disease may seem like a lonely task, since many people have never heard of FTD.  In an effort to create a sense of community among grassroots fundraisers all across the United States and Canada, AFTD has formed The AFTD-Team.

The AFTD-Team is comprised of every grassroots fundraiser, organizer and participant who steps up to raise awareness and funds for AFTD.  Fundraisers may be spread from Connecticut to California, but they are all driven by a common goal of funding research, care, treatment and ultimately a cure.  In addition, The AFTD-Team stands behind this declaration: Yeah…I’m here to Fight This Disease.

To make fundraising efforts a bit easier, AFTD has designed The AFTD-Team fundraising toolkit.  It is 12 pages full of fundraising ideas; planning suggestions; a sample letter, thank you and press release; tips on handling expenses and donation information.  Fundraisers can download The AFTD-Team toolkit here.

One of the exciting additions to AFTD’s fundraising tools is called Givezooks!, an online peer-to-peer fundraising platform.  Grassroots fundraisers can now create their own fundraising webpage, email their family and friends from the webpage, and collect donations online for their event.  It’s a great, easy way to raise money for AFTD.  Creating a webpage takes about 20-30 minutes and is relatively intuitive through Givezooks!  Click here to access AFTD’s Givezooks! page.

For those who don’t have the time to organize and host their own fundraiser, AFTD recommends forming a team to participate in an existing walk or run.  This means that another organization hosts the event, but allows individuals to raise money for the charity of their choice.  Go to to find local events that you can participate in to raise money for AFTD.  From this link, click on “races” for a map of the U.S., and choose the appropriate state.

Each person who raises $250 or more for AFTD through a fundraiser will receive a t-shirt with “The AFTD-Team” logo and tagline on the back.  The shirts are 100% microfiber and wick away moisture.  Fundraisers will be able to find the rest of their team in these bright red shirts…The AFTD-Team will certainly be noticed!  Note:  The $250 minimum must be received two weeks prior to the fundraiser in order to ensure timely delivery of the t-shirt.

If you decide to host a fundraiser, please complete an event form and return it to so that we can help promote your event through our website and Facebook page.

AFTD now has FTD Awareness bracelets available!  They are a two-color silicone bracelet (red and white) with black type that says “Fight This Disease” and AFTD’s website.  There is no charge for these.  To receive 15 bracelets, please send an email with your name and address to

Here are some additional tips for successful fundraising.

Do what fits your style.

  • One little girl in Maryland asked that friends coming to her 7th birthday party skip bringing presents; instead she requested a donation to AFTD in honor of her grandfather.
  • A woman in Wisconsin honored her father and his love of music by designing and selling a bracelet showing a piano keys to raise money for FTD drug discovery.
  • A pre-teen in Michigan organized a garage sale in memory of her grandmother.
  • Several families have instituted annual poker tournaments and golf tournaments dedicated to their loved ones. These events provide great community fun and substantial funds for AFTD’s mission.
  • Artists have donated a portion of their art sales to AFTD.
    Friends have established 5K runs and run marathons to raise awareness and funds.
  • One support group assembled a cookbook – Food That Delights (FTD). It’s now in its second edition and sells for $15. Great for gifts that raise awareness!
  • A family in Pennsylvania organized a movie night at a local school.
  • From North Carolina, a father and his children mailed over 400 letters explaining FTD and requesting donations for AFTD.

When planning your event, remember:

  • Maybe you can use your loved one’s birthday or a special interest of that person to focus your awareness and fundraising efforts.
  • People respond to personal invitations from someone they know.
  • Think about how people from your neighborhood, work, school or church could get involved. Ask them to help and ask them to Tell 10 People.
  • Local merchants are often willing to provide prizes for auctions or raffles.
  • Some organizations have sponsored a hole at golf tournaments or a table at a dinner.
  • Technology is valuable. Email, social networking (like Facebook), blogs, even Ebay can help you spread your message and raise funds.
  • Consider requesting Matching Gifts from your employer or a relevant company’s HR office.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to share your experiences. Your personal story is the best way to capture the attention and commitment of other people.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious!

Choose how your support is used.

You may designate how AFTD uses the contributions from your event:

Unrestricted – These funds are the most flexible and support our entire mission. This allows the Board to allocate the resources where they are most necessary.

Research – Funds designated for research support basic and clinical science (through careful peer review application process)

FTD Drug Discovery Campaign- In this program to stimulate drug discovery efforts all funds donated will be matched 2:1 by our partners, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

Caregiver Respite- This funds our Comstock Caregiver Respite Program which invites caregivers to apply for a $500 grant (on annual basis) to arrange temporary relief from the demands of their caregiving routine.