Documental de la BBC explora el programa de musicoterapia para personas con demencia

BBC documentary Dementia, Music and Us about music therapy for people with dementia image

A recent BBC documentary called “Dementia, Music and Us” explores a British music therapy program for people with dementia, and the ways that the program has helped participants.

The documentary highlights the Manchester Camerata’s Music in Mind program, which has offered “music cafés” to people affected by dementia since 2012. The weekly events give people living with dementia and their family a chance to meet with others affected by dementia, talk with professional musicians from the Camerata, play instruments, and even offers the chance for participants to write their own songs.

“Dementia, Music and Us” follows Keith Taylor, a regular participant of the music café in Wigan who was diagnosed with FTD at 53.

“The best way I could explain it is if you’re in a pine-wooded area, all of the trees are in grids and blocks, you’re walking through that and it’s dark, and you can see the mist coming up behind you feel it catching you…I have proper anxiety,” Taylor said, characterizing living with FTD.

According to Taylor and his partner, Joan, the music sessions have been life-changing . He says that the workshops make him smile and bring the best out of him.

“I think the thing that saved us was the first-ever music group we went to because from that group it opened other groups up for us,” Joan said. “It’s been fantastic.”

Music therapy has been known to have many different benefits for people with dementia. For people with primary progressive aphasia (PPA), for example, it can help with language retention.

Robyn Dowlen, PhD, who is also featured in the documentary, is researching other benefits of music therapy for people with dementia. Dr. Dowlen’s research primarily focuses on the “micro-level experiences” associated with the music workshop, how it allows participants to connect better with the “here-and-now.”

Dr. Dowlen found that the program also seems to promote confidence and self-esteem. Taylor told the BBC that the program helped him “stand up taller.”

If you are interested in learning more about music therapy for people with FTD, haga clic aquí to watch an AFTD Educational Webinar on creative arts therapy and FTD care.

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