FTD Treatment Study Group (FTSG)

AFTD is dedicated to improving the lives of families coping with FTD and to advancing research into treatment and a cure.  In 2010, in partnership with interested parties from industry and other nonprofit organizations, AFTD co-founded The Frontotemporal Degeneration Treatment Study Group (FTSG) to accelerate the development of effective treatments for FTD and related disorders by promoting scientific interactions and collaborations between academia and industry.

Early Initiatives

Miami, Toronto, Indianapolis, 2010: A series of meetings were held to gauge the interest on the part of nonprofits, pharma, biotech and academic partners in coming together to better define and address the challenges in developing the first disease-modifying therapeutics for the FTD disorders. Toward the end of this year the FTSG was formed.

Las Vegas, March 2011:  A workshop titled “FTD, the Next Therapeutic Frontier,” focused on pre-clinical aspects of FTD drug development. Sessions focused on animal models, tissue models, successful translational initiatives in other disease areas, federal resources, and the potential for developing animal and compound registries.

San Diego, November 2011: FTSG sponsored a companion meeting focused on clinical aspects of FTD drug development, which was held as a half-day symposium within the annual meeting of CTAD: Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease. Sessions covered epidemiology, clinical criteria, cognitive, functional and imaging outcome measures as well as biomarkers. A cogent case was made that FTD trials are feasible and have the potential to benefit a broader group of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s and other neuroinflammatory diseases.

The proceedings from these meetings were published in 2013 and are available here :

FTD – The Next Therapeutic Frontier Part 1 and FTD – The Next Therapeutic Frontier Part 2