Funding Opportunities

Through multiple grant programs, the AFTD supports scientists at various stages of their careers engaged in research to advance our understanding of FTD biology and basic disease mechanisms, identify novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and develop assistive technologies that support patients in carrying out the activities of daily living.

To date, AFTD has awarded more than $1 million to support postdoctoral researchers, early-career researchers, and those pursuing new ideas in FTD research. Together, AFTD and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADF) have provided an additional $2.7 million in funding for FTD translational research.

We are especially excited about two new funding opportunities, the FTD Biomarkers Initiative, launched early in 2016 and the Treat FTD Fund. These grant programs will focus on two critical areas of research: biomarker discovery/development and clinical trials for FTD.


 FTD Biomarkers Initiative
Over the next 5 years, AFTD will award up to $5 million to support innovative approaches to the discovery and development of biomarkers that:

  • differentiate FTD from other neurodegenerative disorders,
  • discriminate between FTD subtypes,
  • identify underlying molecular pathologies,
  • confirm pharmacodynamic modulation of disease pathways, and
  • track disease progression.

For more information on the 2016 award recipients, please visit our FTD Biomarkers Initiative page.

The Treat FTD Fund (AFTD in partnership with ADDF)
AFTD and ADDF are launching the Treat Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) Fund to support clinical trials testing novel or repurposed drugs for FTD and related disorders (bvFTD, PPA, PSP, CBD, FTD/ALS). Through this partnership, ADDF and AFTD propose to invest $10 million dollars over 10 years to fund at least 5 innovative clinical trials subject to review by an appointed Joint Steering Committee.

  • Clinical proof- of-concept studies
  • Pilot proof-of-mechanism clinical trials
  • Phase 0/Phase 1 studies to assess pharmacodynamic outcome measures relevant to FTD
  • Studies utilizing innovative trial designs, exploratory endpoints, and/or novel biomarkers

For eligibility requirements and a link to the RFP, please click here.

AFTD Postdoctoral Fellowships

Click here for brief descriptions of recent AFTD Postdoctoral Fellow Awards.

The RFP for AFTD Postdoctoral Fellwoships will be available Summer 2018.

Eligibility Requirements:
Investigators who have received their Ph.D., M.D., or M.D./Ph.D. and are in the first, second or third year of postdoctoral training at a nonprofit academic institution, teaching hospital, or research institute. Applicants can be engaged in basic, translational, and/or epidemiological FTD research.
Award Details:
Stipend and benefits for a duration of two years at $55,000 per year, as well as support for attendance at scientific meetings and research-related expenses.
For more information please contact:
Debra Niehoff, Ph.D., AFTD Research Manager
267-514-7221×2539 or
AFTD Pilot Grants
Click here for brief descriptions of recent AFTD Pilot Grant awards.

Nonpharmacological Therapies and Tools for FTD Pilot Grant

AFTD is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for a new Pilot Grant focused on nonpharmacological interventions and tools with the potential to have a positive impact on the quality of life for persons diagnosed and their families.

Award Details

  • One year grant up to $60,000 (direct costs only)
  • Open to US and international investigators
  • New or early-career researchers within 10 years of their first faculty appointment or equivalent in a for-profit organization are especially encouraged to apply.

Click here to view the 2018 Nonpharmacological Therapies and Tools for FTD Pilot Grant RFP.

For more information or to request an application, please contact:
Debra Niehoff, Ph.D., AFTD Research Manager
267-514-7221 x2539
Accelerating DRUG DISCOVERY for Frontotemporal Degeneration
(AFTD in partnership with ADDF)
Click here for brief descriptions of recent Drug Discovery awards. Eligibility Requirements:Investigators at non-profit academic institutions OR for-profit biotechnology companies (public and private) worldwide.
Award Details:
One-year awards of $100,000-$150,000 with possible follow-on funding.
Scientific or financial aspects of proposals:
– Diana Shineman, Ph.D., ADDF Director for Scientific Affairs
212-901-8007 or or
– Nadine Tatton, Ph.D., AFTD Scientific Director
267-514-7221 or ntatton@theaftd.orgApplication process: grants@alzdiscovery.orgTo view the 2017 RFP, please click here.

This list of funding opportunities is regularly updated, so please check back throughout the year for information about evolving opportunities in FTD research!
Summary Table of Grants Funded