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Today’s research can lead to tomorrow’s breakthroughs. In this section, you’ll learn about research funding opportunities, new AFTD initiatives, and more.

The TreatFTD Fund

The most recent addition to AFTD’s funding opportunities, the Treat FTD Fund was launched in 2016 with the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to support clinical trials testing novel or repurposed drugs for FTD disorders. Running clinical trials in FTD patients will enable investigators to identify optimal approaches to targeting this unique patient population. In addition, trials supported through the Treat FTD Fund will complement efforts such as the FTD Biomarkers initiative and the Accelerating Drug Discovery for FTD program by employing emergent advances in biomarker development and preclinical research.

Guidelines for Proposed Trials

Targeted Population

  • Should include both genetic and sporadic forms of any FTD disorder.
  • Application must include clear description of rationale for the mechanism of action in the targeted population.

Therapeutic Focus

  • Agnostic to drug target.
  • Symptomatic or disease-modifying.
  • Using a novel or repurposed drug.

Outside the scope of this program: Behavioral/social interventions or lifestyle modifications.

Clinical Phase

  • Clinical proof of concept studies.
  • Pilot proof-of-mechanism studies.
  • Phase 0/1 studies in healthy volunteers assessing pharmacodynamic outcomes.
  • Innovative trial designs, exploratory endpoints, and/or novel biomarkers encouraged.

Outside the scope of this program: Studies designed to solely test safety in healthy volunteers.


  • Utilization of existing resources, clinical coordination networks, and patient registries highly encouraged. See RFP for details.

Award Details

  • Duration: 1 – 3 years.
  • Amount of award (USD): Requests of $500K – $2MM will be considered.
  • Application of funds: Direct costs only.
  • Additional Information: Leveraging additional sources of funding or ongoing trials encouraged.

Who can apply?

  • Investigators at not-for-profit academic and medical research institutions.
  • For-profit organizations, both public and private (note that funding to biotechnology companies is typically made as a program-related investment).
  • U.S. and international investigators.
  • Partnerships and co-funding arrangements with industry or other foundations are allowed.

Timeline — 2017 Awards

TreatFTD Fund Timeline

Applications should include:

  • Confirmation of drug supply
  • IRB-ready clinical trial protocol
  • Explicit plan for data sharing and/or making trial results publicly available

Applications are reviewed by a Joint Steering Committee appointed by AFTD and ADDF. Applications from biotechnology companies will also be reviewed by ADDF’s Business Advisory Board.

To further discuss scientific or financial aspects of proposals, please contact:

For more information about the application process, please contact:

Heather Moore, JD, Assistant Director, Grants & Mission-Related Investments, ADDF
Phone: 212-901-8019 / Email: