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Guest Feature: Heal the Heart, Hold Up the Truths, and Find a Way

The FTD journey an emotional experience filled with grief and frustration, but it is one punctuated by…

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Volunteer Update: Hosting an Information Table Event

Hosting an information table on behalf of AFTD gives our volunteers a perfect way to bring awareness…

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Dear HelpLine – Support for Veterans

Dear HelpLine, My loved one is a veteran. Do we qualify for any support?  Navigating the Department…

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AFTD Update: Updated Digital Resources for FTD & Genetics 

The FTD & Genetics section of AFTD’s website has been newly updated to help families better understand…

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The Lived Experience of FTD: Anosognosia

The following article was written by Kevin Rhodes, a member of AFTD’s Persons with FTD Advisory Council….

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Volunteer Update: Giving Purpose to the Pain – Becoming an AFTD Ambassador and FTD Advocate

AFTD Ambassadors know the power of a single story and the healing potential of finding others who…

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Dear HelpLine: Long-Distance Care Partners

Dear HelpLine, My dad was recently diagnosed with FTD. I’m devastated by the diagnosis, but I live…

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Advancing Hope: FTD Disorders Registry Deploying Upgraded Platform Under New Director

The FTD Disorders Registry is a powerful tool in the effort to discover treatments and a cure…

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Advancing Hope: AFTD Holds Inaugural Research Roundtable Conference to Convene Stakeholders in FTD Research

The FTD Research Roundtable is a new initiative at AFTD to enable discussion and shared problem-solving across…

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Volunteer Update: Take an Active Role in Advancing FTD Science by Participating in Research

FTD science has come far in the 21 years since AFTD began its mission, with scientists closer…

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