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Guest Feature: Finding Support and Understanding on the Go with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

For persons diagnosed with FTD, simply existing in public can be challenging. FTD’s symptoms can cause difficulties…

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The Lived Experience of FTD: Driving and FTD

The following column was written by members of the Persons with FTD Advisory Council. Members of the Council…

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Dear HelpLine: Looking for Support Options

Dear HelpLine, Our family is looking for ways to connect with other FTD care partners for support….

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Advocacy Update: Rare Disease Day and FTD

Rare Disease Day, which occurs annually on the last day of February, was established by the European…

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Guest Feature: Somebody’s Sister

FTD is an aggressive disease that disrupts people’s lives and relationships, with families often unsure what they…

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Viewpoints of FTD: Addressing Barriers to Diagnosis, FTD Care, and Research Participation Faced by Black/African Americans

In 2011, researchers estimated there to be 50,000-60,000 cases of FTD in the United States. Today, however,…

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Dear HelpLine: What to Look for When Considering Facility Care for a Person with FTD

Dear HelpLine, We have reached the difficult decision to look for long-term facility care for my sister,…

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Guest Feature: Capturing Voices – Considerations When Writing YOUR Book

The grief caused by FTD is persistent, lasting well beyond the end of the FTD journey for…

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Volunteer Update: AFTD Ambassadors Welcome New Cohort

The AFTD Ambassador program was launched in 2019 as a new opportunity for AFTD’s volunteer leadership. Since…

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Advancing Hope: AFTD Holds 2023 Holloway Summit Meeting on Biomarkers for FTD

The second annual AFTD Holloway Summit, focused on biomarkers for FTD, was held from November 30 to…

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