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Advancing Hope: AFTD’s Director of Research Engagement Attends Cure VCP Conference

Shana Dodge, PhD, AFTD’s Director of Research Engagement, spoke at the 2023 Cure VCP Connections Conference, held…

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Guest Feature: That Picture, That Movie, That Song – Connecting with My Dad Beyond FTD

FTD can distort one’s personality and behavior in unpredictable and upsetting ways, and it can be hard…

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Advocacy Update: AFTD Ambassadors Offer Insights at July NAPA Meeting

At the most recent meeting of the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) Advisory Council, AFTD Ambassadors Katie Zenger and Terry…

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Help & Support: Genetic Testing and DNA Banking

The decision to undergo genetic testing for FTD is deeply personal. Many want to know their genetic…

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The Lived Experience of FTD: Tracking Changing Behaviors in FTD

For people living with an FTD diagnosis and their care partners, keeping track of the changing behaviors…

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Guest Feature: Filmmaker and FTD Caregiver Shares Story of Love and Connection in “Pedacito de Carne”

Living with FTD can be exhausting, challenging, and at times deeply upsetting for people with a diagnosis,…

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Help & Support: AFTD Resources for Kids and Teens

Unlike other types of dementia, FTD most often occurs in middle age, when many families have children…

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Tips & Advice: Finding Support for Your FTD Journey

Isolation is common for persons diagnosed, care partners, and family members on the FTD journey, as FTD…

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Advancing Hope: AFTD and Packard Center for ALS Co-Host Innovative Interdisciplinary Workshop

The abnormal accumulation of the protein TDP-43 occurs in both FTD and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), suggesting…

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Aphasia Awareness Month: Resources and Guidance for Managing Primary Progressive Aphasia

June is Aphasia Awareness Month, bringing awareness of language-based disorders to people around the U.S. While many…

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