NY State Senator Hinchey and AFTD Raises FTD Awareness with Virtual Information Session

Senator Michelle Hinchey

In observation of World FTD Awareness Week 2021, New York state senator Michelle Hinchey joined AFTD Advocacy Manager Matt Sharp for an hour-long conversation on Facebook Live on Oct. 1.

The conversation follows the recently adopted resolution, sponsored by Sen. Hinchey, designating Sept. 26 through Oct. 3 as FTD Awareness Week in New York.

“FTD is often misdiagnosed [and is] something that many people don’t know about, including our medical community,” Sen. Hinchey said during the information session. “For the first time ever, the state of New York has recognized FTD Awareness Week through a resolution that we put forward because we believe that it’s incredibly important for more people to understand this disease.”

The senator shared personal stories of how FTD affected her family. Her father, former U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey, was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia (PPA); he died in November 2017.

“It’s something that we need to learn more about. We need to bring more attention to it in our community so that [anyone] who does end up having FTD … really gets the support, help, and understanding they’ll need to be able to get through and help a loved one get through that experience,” said Sen. Hinchey.

AFTD’s Matt Sharp provided an overview of FTD and its related disorders. Sharp also answered FTD-related questions from viewers and discussed the AFTD resources that are available for families impacted by the disease.

Watch the full information session here.

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