AFTD Awareness Ads Featured in the New York Times

Times Digital Ad

Throughout World FTD Awareness Week (Sept. 26-Oct. 3), the New York Times featured digital and print FTD-themed ads designed to bring FTD awareness to millions of Times readers, thanks to support from a generous AFTD donor.

Today’s Sunday edition of the Times features a full-page print ad (click here to download the PDF). The ad was designed with input from AFTD volunteer Jody Zorn and revisits a concept she created in 2015, which emphasizes the role that greater FTD awareness plays in ensuring fast, accurate diagnoses.

Other ads appeared throughout World FTD Awareness Week. On Wednesday, visitors to the Times website via a mobile device saw a powerful set of digital ads, bringing crucial awareness to FTD (pictured above).

The September 26 Times print edition also featured an FTD awareness ad, to kick off World FTD Awareness Week (click here to download).

You can help our efforts to educate health professionals and the public about FTD, the most common form of dementia diagnosed in individuals under 60. Please share these ads with your friends and family on social media and be sure to encourage them to follow AFTD on our social media channels.

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