Alabama Family Shares FTD Journey, Speaks to Importance of Connection

Gene Amber Guy

Although FTD has robbed Gene Guy of the ability to talk, he still communicates with his daughter, Amber, every day. While he may be unable to tell her he loves her, she still knows.

A computer programmer with a passion for basketball, Gene was diagnosed with FTD around 12 years ago. In a feature that centers on the family’s journey, shares how FTD has impacted the family, with Amber recently dropping down to part-time work to help her mother with Gene’s care.

“I can still feel the love coming from him,” Amber told “He still loves us and loves being around us.”

While Amber has been unable to see her father since his 76th birthday in early March, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, she also emphasizes the importance of relaying a sense of connection and support to those facing this devastating disease.

The prolonged period of grief takes so much out of you,” she said in the article. “I would never wish this on anyone, but it makes you realize how precious time is and not to take your time for granted with those you love.”

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