Oregon Woman Shares How COVID Isolation Is Impacting Husband’s Dementia


When John Knight was diagnosed with young-onset dementia, he and his wife Carol vowed to do everything in their power to fight its progression. But since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the two into isolation, Carol has seen a decline in her husband’s health.

KGW8, an NBC affiliate based in Portland, Oregon, shares the Knights’ journey and the challenges they have faced since John moved to a continuing care facility in March.

Carol explains how the two were able to spend time together before the pandemic, which has now limited their interactions. She describes how the isolation seems to be negatively impacting his condition, causing “significant progression in loss of language, withdrawal, loss of awareness, some physical changes.”

Although Carol can visit John almost daily from either outside his room’s window or through a gate from a distance, she says the regulated visits are not the same as being able to sit with him.

“It isn’t the same as being able to hold his hand and sit next to him and walk with my husband, that’s what we do,” she says in the segment.

You can watch the full segment here. If you or a loved one are experiencing challenges during this time, visit AFTD’s website for further information and resources regarding COVID-19 and FTD.

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