Our Plan, Our Future:

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Strategic Themes: 2019–2022

As AFTD’s staff and Board have developed the strategies and tactics to support achievement of this plan, common themes have emerged that will ground how we will approach our work.

The Work We Share

AFTD was founded by caregivers, we have increasingly engaged and collaborated with persons living with FTD, and we have always benefited from the guidance of researchers and clinicians. These deep connections have forged the organization we are today. Over the next three years, we aspire to both expand our community and deepen how we inform, support, engage and learn from all of our constituents.

Responding to the Dementia Crisis

National attention to dementia policies and services is growing. An aging population is driving health economic concerns, and scientific advances are increasing government and industry investment in FTD research. As these changes gain momentum, AFTD is the organization best positioned to ensure that people and families affected by FTD are heard in the rooms where crucial policy decisions are made.

Together, we can ensure that national solutions to the dementia crisis address the full range of dementia challenges, including those of younger onset and behavioral, language and movement presentations.

Partnerships Hold the Key

The aspects of FTD that make it complex and heterogeneous can be leveraged as strengths. By forming partnerships where interests align, we expand the resources invested in research and care for our community, and speed progress toward achieving our goals in collaboration with others.

AFTD’s strong tradition of collaborating with leading research organizations focused on Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s and other conditions has accelerated and strengthened our work. As we extend our efforts targeting professional education, clinical studies and quality care, we will continue this strategy, forging new partnerships and collaborations with the FDA, pharma and biotech companies, insurers, and national care providers.

Investing in Technology

AFTD is a lean organization that aspires to have a mighty impact. Our mission is broad, our constituents are diverse and geographically scattered, and we operate across many different industries and interest areas, including research, healthcare, policy, and volunteerism.

More effective use of technology has the potential to accelerate every aspect of our work. We will use technology to reach more underserved populations, provide information faster and more efficiently, inform families of more resources that can help today, and provide more opportunities to become part of our mission.

Our Plan, Our Commitment

Over the past decade AFTD has experienced rapid growth, often being in the position of reacting to exciting opportunities and meeting challenges presented to us. With this plan, we will continue to drive the work our community needs, while establishing a sustainable infrastructure for long-term impact.

AFTD’s leadership commits both to building the capacity to carry out this ambitious plan, and to being strategic about how we evaluate and prioritize additional opportunities in which to invest our resources, for the maximum benefit of our community. We will develop measures to know better where we are having a true impact in the areas of our mission work. We will integrate new expertise as we design and implement initiatives, and cultivate an ethos in which every staff member has the opportunity to maximize their professional aspirations and impact on behalf of our mission.

Strategic Plan Highlights:  Overview  |   Vision, Mission, Values  |  Strategic Themes  |  Four Goals  |  Your Support is Essential

Download the full AFTD Strategic Plan 2019 here.