Comstock Grants

FTD imposes a severe economic burden on persons diagnosed and their families — a burden that has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. AFTD offers Comstock Grants as direct assistance to people in the FTD community.

Respite Grants

For full-time, unpaid care partners

We know how difficult it can be for care partners to meet their own needs while caring for a loved one at home. Comstock Respite Grants help full-time, unpaid care partners attend to their own emotional, psychological and physical well-being. The maximum annual grant is $500. Recipients may use the funds on respite care, financial relief or other health-related services that best meet their needs. There are few requirements other than being the full-time, unpaid care partner to a loved one who has a documented diagnosis of FTD.
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Travel Grants

In light of social-distancing and other restrictions related to COVID-19, AFTD does not foresee any opportunities for travel to attend an FTD education event in the near future. AFTD will not be awarding any travel grants until educational conferences or other large gatherings can be safely resumed.

AFTD offers modest financial assistance for people with FTD or their immediate family members to attend an FTD-related education event, including the annual AFTD Education Conference. Comstock Travel Grants may be used to defray the cost of travel, lodging, and conference fees. The maximum grant is $500 and each family may receive one travel grant per year.
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Quality of Life Grants

For persons living with FTD

The Comstock Quality of Life Grant is intended to help people living with an FTD disorder to access services or supports that will improve their quality of life. Applicants with a documented FTD diagnosis may apply to receive a $500 VISA gift card. Individuals may apply once per AFTD fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Funds can be used, with the support and supervision of a primary care partner as necessary, for the goods or services of their choosing.
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