Voluntária do mês de fevereiro: Jen Hoar

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February’s volunteer of the month is Jen Hoar. While navigating the challenges of her dad’s journey with FTD, Jen learned the importance of feeling heard and understood. “For me, the complexities of grief have been really painful at times, and it hasn’t been straightforward to find an outlet, let alone a community, where I can work through my thoughts and feelings with others who truly empathize,” Jen reflects. In recognizing the value of a listening ear, Jen felt called to volunteer with AFTD to offer a compassionate and comforting presence to others during this difficult time.

Jen joined AFTD’s volunteer network in 2020 and utilized new virtual opportunities to create an outlet for others impacted by FTD. She hosted her first Virtual Meet & Greet in September 2020 for the DC area, and after a successful event, worked with AFTD to expand the reach of support and connection.

Over the last few months, Jen hosted Virtual Meet & Greets for young adults, specifically those with parents affected by FTD, living on the East Coast. Through these events, Jen emphasizes the importance of peer support, opening space for everyone to share their stories and connect with others who understand the unique struggles of this journey.

“Hosting Virtual Meet & Greets to be there for others whose parents are affected by this disease has become a meaningful antidote to the isolation I’d experienced before joining the AFTD family,” Jen shares. “I’ve felt heard and understood in a way that I always had around my best friend, also known as my dad.”

Jen continues to organize and host Virtual Meet & Greets as a way of offering support to others across the country. All of us at AFTD wish to express our sincere gratitude to Jen for her continued efforts in providing compassion and connection to those affected by FTD. We also thank her for her dedication and service to AFTD’s mission.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our national volunteer network, please visit our website to learn more and fill out our volunteer form to get started.

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