New AFTD Volunteer Program — Coming Soon!

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AFTD’s volunteers devote themselves to bringing help and hope to families facing FTD all across the country. We are extremely grateful for everyone who has donated their time and talents to educate, inform and empower our community with FTD support and information.

In order to make this experience more streamlined, more impactful and more fulfilling for our volunteers, AFTD has recently taken steps toward restructuring our volunteer program. The new look of the volunteer program will launch this fall.

The biggest change will be a redefining of AFTD’s volunteer leadership. Currently, Regional Coordinator Volunteers manage volunteers and represent AFTD in their regions, but in the new structure, Regional Coordinators will transition to the new leadership role of Ambassador. AFTD Ambassadors will work to build connections at the community level within a specifically defined geographic area. Within those areas, Ambassadors will identify opportunities and establish and maintain a visible presence in the designated community, representing our community by speaking publicly about FTD, conducting outreach, and networking with local health providers and other resources.

Unlike Regional Coordinator Volunteers, Ambassadors will not be responsible for managing volunteers. A new AFTD staff position, Volunteer Coordinator, will assume that responsibility. In the coming months, AFTD will bring aboard two Volunteer Coordinators, who will engage with AFTD’s national volunteer network – recruiting new volunteers, orienting them to our mission, and developing strong connections with each volunteer. They will work full-time to ensure that every AFTD volunteer is able to find an activity that meets their interest and maximizes their talents!

What does this mean for existing AFTD volunteers? This fall, you will be will be transferred from your Regional Coordinator to an AFTD Volunteer Coordinator staff member. We know that change isn’t always easy, but AFTD Staff and current Regional Coordinator Volunteers will work hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.

AFTD will provide more information over the coming months, but in the meantime if you have questions you are welcome to contact me directly at As our official launch date gets closer, I will be inviting all volunteers to join a Zoom meeting with me where I will present the new structure and answer questions. And stay tuned to AFTD’s website for further updates!

Kerri Keane
AFTD Volunteer Manager

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