Caregiver profiled on public radio


photo by Jessica Kourkounis

Sadness drove Barry Vernick into bed for nearly six weeks after his wife’s death in November 2008 from complications of FTD. Then a friend convinced him to visit Manna, an organization in Philadelphia, Penna. that prepares and delivers meals to people with life-threatening illness. They needed volunteers. The head chef invited him into the kitchen and said, “You should cook.”

And cook he did. Recently, Vernick’s story was profiled in an audio slideshow produced by WHYY public radio in Philadelphia in which he describes the value of volunteering in the process of healing after his wife’s death.  According to Vernick giving back to others through working at Manna has “saved my life” and gives him a way to honor his wife’s legacy.

Visit WHYY’s Coming of Age page and click on Barry Vernick’s photo to view this moving audio slideshow.

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