Why Volunteer with AFTD?

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Looking to get involved and help support AFTD’s mission? Join dedicated volunteers from across the country, helping families affected by FTD find support, resources, and hope in their communities.

Volunteering with AFTD gives you the opportunity to:

  • Connect with others affected by FTD by hosting an in-person or virtual Meet & Greet
  • Support others on the FTD journey by facilitating a support group, whether in person or virtually
  • Share your story, FTD information, and AFTD resources by staffing a table setting at a local health fair, conference, or other community event
  • Raise critical funds and awareness in support of AFTD’s mission
  • Educate healthcare professionals

AFTD’s Volunteer Network also hosts a series of virtual gatherings, providing the chance for volunteers to connect with each other, engage with AFTD staff, and learn new skills that not only support your volunteer efforts but your professional and personal work as well.

All of AFTD’s activities can be done virtually or in person, depending on current and local guidelines and your own comfort level. Come join AFTD’s volunteer network and make a difference today! Download this list of AFTD’s volunteer opportunities (pdf), or take the first step by visiting the AFTD Volunteer Network homepage.

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