Volunteer Update: From AFTD to Our Volunteers – Thank You for All That You Do!

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It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week, the time of year when we extend our gratitude to all AFTD volunteers. It is our volunteers, at all levels, who help advance our mission by sharing their unique contributions, stories, and actions. Thank you!

We are in debt to all those who have helped over the past year. Here are just a few of the ways volunteers help AFTD:

Thank you to our Ambassador team for leading the charge and diligently networking with local professionals and organizations. Thank you to those who create spaces of comfort and compassion as support group volunteers, and those who bring people together for connection through virtual Meet & Greets, Zoom support, and volunteer orientation.

Thank you to everyone who has hosted a grassroots fundraising event; the money you raise helps to support families and allows researchers to investigate faster FTD diagnosis, better treatment, and, ultimately, prevention of FTD.

Thank you to all who have shared their stories, spread awareness, and educated their communities about FTD and AFTD. Thank you to those who offer their time and professional advice through pro bono legal advice, research grant reviews, or service on one of AFTD’s Advisory Councils. Thank you to our talented and dedicated Board members and those who serve on the Board committees.

To everyone who drives AFTD’s mission through the gift of their time and talents, we thank you. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with AFTD, please visit our website and sign up on the “Get Involved” page, or email [email protected].

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