Help & Support: AFTD Provider Letter Now Available for Persons Diagnosed

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In recent years, there has been an encouraging increase in FTD awareness, and education about the disease’s wide-ranging impact on persons diagnosed and their families. Through media exposure, grassroots awareness-raising efforts, and the work of AFTD staff and volunteers to bring FTD into the spotlight, public awareness is on the rise. However, FTD is still unknown to many, and for those faced with a diagnosis, repeatedly trying to explain the disease in the context of seeking services and assistance can be an exhausting endeavor. For this reason, AFTD created a downloadable Provider Letter for use in these situations.

The AFTD Provider Letter offers an overview of FTD to give professionals an understanding of the disease, so that they can show up for your appointments better informed and able to provide you with the services and accommodations that you may need.

A new version of the Provider Letter is now available for persons diagnosed with FTD to use to educate and advocate on their own behalf. This newly revised letter includes first-person pronouns and inclusive language specifically tailored for persons living with FTD. It is intended for persons diagnosed to share with care professionals and others they may need to inform about their diagnosis. Whether you’re seeking a primary care physician or therapist, scheduling medical appointments, hiring an attorney, or dealing with law enforcement officials, this letter can be used to educate those around you who may be unfamiliar with FTD.

Both versions of the Provider Letter — one for use by persons diagnosed and one for use by care partners and caregivers — are available on our website as downloadable PDFs for you to print and distribute. The document can be found on our Resources page, along with other useful tools, located under the “Find Help+” tab on our website.
Download the Provider Letter today:

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