May’s Athlete of the Month: Debbie Fenoglio

May Athlete of the Month Debbie Fenoglio at the Colfax Marathon

AFTD’s Athlete of the Month for May is Debbie F. from Colorado. Debbie uses the Charity Miles app to track her miles as she walks in memory of her late husband Mike, who was diagnosed with FTD in 2007 and passed away in 2012.

“Walking was something Mike and I shared after his diagnosis. He loved the outdoors and being in nature – it’s a way for me to honor that and to raise awareness of FTD.”

Debbie is a long-time member of the AFTD-Team, participating in the Colfax Marathon in Denver in support of AFTD’s mission since 2017. As a former AFTD Board member, Debbie hopes that her engagement will lead to greater understanding about FTD in her community, among health care professionals, and with others who are facing the disease.

“FTD is not the first thing people think of when some of the symptoms first start. It can really delay a diagnosis. With more people aware of this disease, we can start speaking differently about FTD and get people an early diagnosis.”

Join Debbie and the rest of the AFTD-Team by downloading the Charity Miles app today and turn your daily workout into a way to raise awareness of FTD and funds in support of AFTD’s mission. Simply set a goal, ask your family and friends to support you, and track your miles as you run, walk, or bike. Every mile counts and helps to advance AFTD’s work to improve the quality of life of people affected by FTD and drive research to a cure.

Thank you to Debbie, and the entire AFTD-Team, for making your mileage count for the cause!

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