AFTD Webinar: The Promise of FTD Research Trials — What Should I Know About Current Drug Studies?

The science of FTD is quickly evolving. While several years ago, there were no experimental treatments for FTD, there are now many medications being tested in clinical trials. Each trial has different eligibility criteria, type of intervention, length, and number of visits.

This Perspectives in FTD Research webinar, presented jointly by AFTD and the FTD Disorders Registry, aims to describe the current clinical trial landscape for FTD and how you can get involved.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand how FTD research has evolved and why there is a reason to be optimistic about future treatments.
  • Identify the current industry-led clinical trials for FTD.
  • Recognize what questions to ask to determine which trial(s) may be a good fit for you or your family.
  • Learn the steps to take if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial.

Download the slides presented in this webinar by Dr. Laura Mitic, Chief Scientific Officer of the Bluefield Project to Cure FTD.

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