Free Webinar – Techniques to Increase Positivity for Caregivers: Session 2

Techniques to Increase Positivity for Caregivers: Session 2
by Janet Edmunson, M.Ed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

For family and professional caregivers

Webinar Description: Continuing in this series, Janet will discuss in this third webinar additional practical techniques that caregivers can use to counter balance the sometimes difficult daily responsibilities of caring for a loved one. She’ll draw from the scientific field of positive psychology to explore skills to increase positive emotions such as giving and receiving kindness, hanging on to passions and connecting with others in spite of the limitations caregivers struggle with for time, energy and interest. Whether you are an optimist, pessimist or somewhere in between, these strategies can strengthen you for the daily challenges of caregiving. (To view the first two webinars, go to and click on the “products” page.)

About Janet: Janet has over 30 years’ experience in the health promotion field. She retired in May 2007 as Director of the Prevention & Wellness for a staff of 20 at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Since retirement, as President of JME Insights, she is a national inspirational speaker having spoken to over 200 groups. While working full-time, Janet took care of her husband, Charles, during the five years he fought a movement disorder with dementia. Janet wrote about her experience in her book, Finding Meaning with Charles. Janet has a Master’s degree from Georgia State University. She resides in South Portland, Maine.

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Webinar will be repeated three times to accommodate registrations.

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Webinar Format: You may participate in one of two ways:

1. The first viewing method is via access through the internet. You can view the presentation on your computer and listen via your computer speakers or USB headset connected to your computer.

2. The second option would use the internet and a telephone connection, or just the telephone. Please note: If you use this second option, you may need to pay applicable phone charges from your telephone carrier.

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For Additional Information: You can contact Janet at with any questions you have about participating.

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