Comstock Quality of Life Grant

Please review the following information before applying. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Comstock Quality of Life Grant Goals

  • To purchase a product or service to improve the quality of life of persons diagnosed with FTD.
  • Provide equipment, services, or supplies that could not otherwise be attained (daily or special).
  • Supplement other sources of income, entitlement benefits and insurance for things otherwise not available.

Examples of Grant Uses

  • Communication tools (Smart phone, iPad, writing board, computer software, apps, etc.)
  • Broadband or internet costs (to maintain on-line support)
  • Transportation including unreimbursed travel to participate in FTD research (taxi, accessible van, etc.)
  • Companion care
  • Insurance co-pays, medication costs, or therapies (occupational, physical, speech, or counseling services)
  • Home adaptations
  • Gym membership or exercise class
  • Grooming and cosmetics (Haircuts, manicure/pedicure etc.)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be diagnosed with an FTD disorder.
  • Must be a resident of US.
  • Provide copies of diagnostic report(s) showing how the diagnosis of FTD was made. The confidentiality of all personal information is protected. Medical records are destroyed after the initial grant is approved.
  • For every fifth respite grant, submission of additional/current medical records from current physician.


  • Applicant is responsible for all arrangements related to researching and securing the equipment, supplies or services of their choice.
  • AFTD will reimburse grantee for up to $500 for expenses incurred AFTER the date a grant is approved.
  • Any expense above the $500 grant is the full responsibility of the applicant.
  • All applicants must list a secondary contact that can assist the applicant with the application and/or use of the grant as needed.
  • AFTD reserves the right to contact the secondary contact at any time in relation to the grant. Any blatant misuse of the grant funds awarded through the card, including use of the funds for the sole benefit of the primary care partner, will disqualify applicant from consideration for future Comstock Quality of Life grants.

Grant Recipients are asked to

  • Contact AFTD if assistance is needed with reimbursement process.
  • Respond to AFTD requests for information about the grant program to help refine it for future applicants.
  • If reimbursement poses as a financial hardship, please reach out to the HelpLine or

Comstock Quality of Life Grant Application

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Secondary Contact Information

If you cannot identify a secondary contact, please contact AFTD to complete your application.

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