Giving a Hand to Our Helping Hands! AFTD Volunteer Veronica Wolfe

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When Veronica Wolfe’s mother was diagnosed with bvFTD in 2018, her family initially struggled to find information about the disease. Once her mother’s neurologist pointed them to AFTD’s website, however, Veronica committed to learning all she could about FTD and AFTD’s resources. She joined a support group and attended a few virtual Meet & Greets, and in 2020 she was compelled to become an AFTD volunteer herself.

Since then, Veronica has been an active fundraiser – organizing an independent event, participating in Food for Thought, and joining the AFTD-Team for the New York City Marathon. “It’s easy to see the benefit of fundraising and contributing to the overall mission of AFTD,” she shares. “What I’ve found to be even more important is the visibility fundraising provides to the disease, even within my small community. Raising awareness has been extremely rewarding.”

In February, Veronica hosted a virtual Meet & Greet to bring together those with the unique experience of being an only child with a parent who has FTD. “Although these have all been completely different [volunteer] experiences, I feel like it’s a small way to support my mother, connect with others going through a similar situation, and process things for myself,” she said. “Volunteering has been rewarding and extremely satisfying… each experience has provided a slightly different sense of fulfillment.”

When asked what she would tell someone considering becoming an AFTD volunteer, Veronica said, “Do it! AFTD makes it easy, regardless of whether you’re filling a pre-existing need or creating your own event! The support from AFTD has been great – the process of organizing individual events, Meet & Greets, and fundraisers has been seamless. I was guided every step of the way. I hope to continue to contribute to the organization however I can in the future!”

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