FTD Study Included in University of Sydney’s Review of 2010s

Daydreaming stock

The University of Sydney included a study that found persons diagnosed with FTD lose the ability to daydream in a list of their top research stories of the decade.

Published in February 2019, the study suggests personality and behavioral changes associated with FTD could be due to an inability to “mind-wander” – the capacity to reflect internally, consider the perspectives of others, or project forward in time. Study author and University of Sydney Associate Professor Muireann Irish hopes the findings will lead to a greater understanding of how to manage the behavioral changes brought on by the disease for both researchers and care partners.

The Sydney Morning Herald  featured the story of a couple impacted by FTD in their original coverage of the research, also published in February.

The study was one of 10 highlighted by the University of Sydney in a reflection of their researchers’ work across a variety of medical issues over the past decade. You can view the entire list here, and read more about the study here.

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