Broadcast Segment Sheds Light on AFTD Volunteer, FTD Research

Deb Scharper family wedding

The Iowa-based station KIMT-TV shares hope for the future with a segment aired on Nov. 6 that ties one family’s battle with FTD to a new opportunity to advance the science of FTD.

The segment features AFTD volunteer Deb Scharper, whose ex-husband Tommy is living with FTD, and Dr. Bradley Boeve, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic and member of AFTD’s Medical Advisory Council. Deb speaks to her family’s experience with FTD, recalling how Tommy’s personality changes first led to a misdiagnosis of depression and how the family now finds moments of hope.

Her story is underscored by Dr. Boeve, who further describes the impact of FTD on persons diagnosed, and emphasizes a recent National Institutes of Health grant awarded to Mayo Clinic and the University of California, San Francisco to advance research into FTD treatments through the ALLFTD initiative.

You can view the segment and read more about the Scharper family’s story on the KIMT website.

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