Board Alumni

The volunteers who serve on AFTD’s Board dedicate their time, leadership and strategic vision to advancing our mission. We are grateful to AFTD’s Board Alumni for their service, and for their continued efforts to achieve a world with compassionate care, effective support, and a future free of FTD.

Name State Years of Board Service
Gail Andersen OH 2014-2021
Deanna Angello CA 2012-2018
Joseph Becker, Ph.D. WA 2003-2009
Steve Bellwoar PA 2014-2020
Bill Brown TX 2008-2010
Earl W. Comstock DC 2010-2016
Bryan D. Dalesandro PA 2010-2016
Constance L. Drayton PA 2003-2007
Susan Eissler TX 2008-2014
Debbie Fenoglio CO 2011-2017
Stephen Fenoglio TX 2015-2021
Rachel C. Hadas NY 2012-2013
Kent S. Jamison, Ph.D. CT 2003-2010
Amy Kamin NY 2011-2014
Robert A. Kemp CA 2003-2008
Susan Laden DC 2015-2017
Francine Laden, Sc.D. MA 2008-2015
Paul Lester NC 2014-2020
Emily Levy MA 2010-2016
Philip H. Lovett NY 2005-2011
Sylvia Mackey MD 2008-2013
Walter McKee MD 2005-2009
Kathy Mele NY 2015-2021
Linda E. Nee MD 2010-2015
Louise O’Connor Ontario, Canada 2007-2009
Therese S. Parrish ME 2003-2004
Dr. Zbyslaw J. Petryka CA 2009-2011
Robert Potamkin CO 2003-2010
Colleen Quinn DC 2005-2012
Lisa Radin NV 2003-2010, 2012-2017
Kenna Ramirez Pinseque, Spain 2005-2009
Bruce L. Richardson CO 2005-2011
Darlene Ryan TX 2005-2011
Joanne Sackheim CA 2005-2011
Joyce Rose Shenian PA 2003-2011
Popkin C. Shenian PA 2011-2017
Bonnie Shepherd UT 2012-2018
Dr. Larry Shor PA 2003-2004
George J. Sidoris OH 2007-2009
John Whitmarsh CA 2012-2018