Young FTD Caregiver Speaks to COVID-19 Challenges in Washington Post


In a Washington Post article about the impact of COVID-19 on young caregivers, a woman whose mother has FTD speaks to how social isolation is not a new experience for those facing the disease.

Aisha Adkins, who is now 35, describes how she decided to place her life on hold to help care for her mother Rose, who was diagnosed with FTD eight years ago. A full-time caregiver who has previously spoken publicly about her family’s FTD journey in the past, Adkins does not feel fazed by the mentality spurred by the pandemic.

“I’m used to freaking out every time someone coughs or sneezes, so it’s nothing new for me,” she says in the article. “What’s interesting for me is to see the rest of the world morph into a similar mind-set.”

She also shares her hopes that the pandemic will emphasize the need for policies such as paid medical and family leave.

The article also includes the experiences of other young caregivers whose already challenging and isolating lives have become even more difficult due to the pandemic.

Click here to read the article. To find further information and resources regarding COVID-19 and FTD, visit AFTD’s website.

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