May’s Volunteer of the Month: Deb Millis

May Volunteer of the Month Deb Millis

When Deb Millis’ husband was diagnosed with FTD five years ago, after showing signs of decline throughout the previous five years, her local support group became a vital resource for navigating their FTD journey. When the group’s leader moved on in 2020, Deb and another member, now her co-facilitator, volunteered to step in and keep the group going. “I know how [vital] this group is. Everyone, including the new members, says how important and special our group is. We truly care about each other and have loving, open arms for ALL who attend. I see in their eyes that they know we are here to support one another, and they have the security knowing that what we share stays among us.”

For Deb, the most rewarding part about volunteering is the people and the friendships that have formed. “We laugh, we cry, we share, we love. We feel safe sharing things with this group that we wouldn’t with just anyone. We know that supporting one another in this difficult time/situation is a huge gift! A blessing indeed… We say one day at a time. And we are walking this journey together with support from one another.”

AFTD is grateful to Deb for her commitment to providing such a critical resource for FTD care partners and caregivers in her community. If you’re interested in volunteering with AFTD, please visit our website to learn more, and fill out our volunteer form to connect with a Volunteer Coordinator today.

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