“Remember Me” Podcast Shares Story of Sisterly Love Amid FTD


In the latest special episode of the Remember Me podcast — in collaboration with the 10th anniversary of AFTD’s With Love campaign — co-host Maria Kent Beers’ aunt, Sophia Werning, told her story of love in honor of her late and beloved sister, Amalia Collis Kent, who had FTD.

“We were inseparable from the time I was born,” Werning shared with the Remember Me hosts. “I don’t know life without my sister in it. She was my go-to for everything and I was that for her as well.”

In the nearly hour-long episode entitled “With Love: Amalia & Sophia”, Werning recalled the details of learning about her sister’s FTD diagnosis. She shared memories of growing up with Amalia, how the disease affected Amalia’s life and altered their relationship, and how she coped through the grief of losing her “biggest cheerleader, fan, and best friend.”

“In my selfish moments, I feel very cheated from not just my only sibling and sister, but my very best friend. The loss of being able to communicate with her is a gigantic hole in my heart and soul because I never knew life without that. That is a hole that will never be filled,” Werning said during the episode.

The sisters, Werning shared, did everything together, including going to the same college and joining the same sorority. They shared a love of books, laughter, and a devotion to their families.

After four years of living with FTD and ALS, Amalia died on December 11, 2020 at age 56. Werning remembered her sister as always having a positive attitude.

“As much as she loved outwardly, she always had open arms for anyone to come on inside to laugh and be made to feel special. She was my greatest cheerleader. Whenever I had doubts about being able to do anything, she would say ‘you can do anything you put your mind to,’ and she made me believe it,” Werning said.

Remember Me will release special With Love-themed episodes each Monday in February. The podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

To support Sophia Werning’s With Love fundraiser in honor of her sister, click here.

Visit the With Love homepage to learn how you can participate.

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