Webinar: FTD and Genetic Testing – A Practical Approach

About 40% of people affected by FTD have a family history with at least one other relative diagnosed with some form of neurodegenerative disease. Knowing as much as you can about your own, or a loved one’s, FTD diagnosis can be a crucial tool for your journey. But it is also important to know the potential ramifications of genetic testing, and to understand the sometimes complex results of these tests as clearly as possible.

Through this webinar, held on October 29, 2020, Jamie C. Fong, MS, CGC, a Certified Genetic Counselor and Assistant Professor with Baylor College of Medicine, outlines a practical approach to better understanding how FTD may impact you or your family. She also facilitates a discussion with former FTD caregiver and AFTD Board Alumna Debbie Fenoglio to learn her family’s experience with genetic testing in someone with FTD.

The information presented will be of interest to anyone with an FTD diagnosis, or any care partner or family member of someone with a diagnosis, as well as to health professionals looking to better understand the potential for FTD to be inherited, and the important considerations for families.

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