AFTD Webinar: Approaching a Cure — FTD Genetics and Clinical Trials

The landscape of FTD research has evolved tremendously over the last decade. FTD-causing genetic variants, and the mechanisms they disturb, offer a window to developing disease-modifying medications that target those mechanisms. For the first time, there are clinical trials testing interventions that have the potential to slow, or even stop, the progression of FTD. While many of these trials are targeting FTD caused by genetic variants, their results could positively affect all people living with FTD, even those without an apparent genetic link. In this AFTD Healthcare Professional Webinar, Peter Ljubenkov, MD, behavioral neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco, joins AFTD’s Manager of Genetic Initiatives Kim Jenny, MS, LCGC, to delve into the genetics of FTD and the clinical trials being done to find effective treatments, and explain why all impacted by FTD should consider genetic counseling.

Upon completion of this activity, learners will be able to:

  • Identify three primary genes underlying FTD and why healthcare providers should consider genetic counseling for their patients with FTD.
  • Describe the current clinical trial landscape for genetic FTD.
  • Explain how active clinical trials can inform future scientific breakthroughs across the FTD spectrum.

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