Think It’s Alzheimer’s? Think Again: Sylvia Mackey


Not all dementia is Alzheimer’s. For people under 60, the most common form is actually FTD. If you or someone you know experience unexplained changes in behavior, language or movement, it could be FTD.

About Sylvia Mackey: Sylvia is the widow of the NFL Hall of Famer John Mackey, who died in 2001 at the age of 69, a decade after his FTD diagnosis. A former AFTD Board member, Sylvia speaks frequently about FTD’s impact on both persons diagnosed and their families. She spurred the creation of the NFL’s 88 Plan — named after John’s jersey number — a benefit that enables qualifying NFL players to access in-home and institutional care after retirement. With her daughters, Sylvia formed the John Mackey Fund, Inc., a nonprofit that raises funds for FTD research.

Find out more about this disease and AFTD’s work to address it here: #ThinkFTD

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