Neurofilament Light Potentially Useful in Identifying FTD, Study Shows


The protein neurofilament light chain (NfL), a recognized biomarker linked to neurodegeneration, may be useful in detecting FTD, according to a recent study published in Nature Communications.

The study shows that measuring levels of NfL in cerebrospinal fluid is “clinically useful” in identifying a host of neurodegenerative conditions, including FTD “in patients with cognitive impairment.”

The study also notes that NfL levels can also be assessed in blood tests, suggesting the possibility of diagnosing FTD with a simple blood test.

Dr. Adul Hye, joint senior author of the study, said in a June 7 article published in Sci Tech Daily that “for the first time we have shown across a number of disorders that a single biomarker can indicate the presence of underlying neurodegeneration with excellent accuracy. It could help in services such as memory clinics as a rapid screening tool to identify whether memory, thinking, or psychiatric problems are a result of neurodegeneration.”

Read the full Sci Tech Daily article here.

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