FTD Care Partner Emphasizes the Importance of Self-care


Larry Gnatzig is often asked about his husband Jeff, but finds the question difficult to answer – not only because he is slowly losing Jeff to FTD, but also because he is rarely asked about his own well-being.

In a blog post published by WebMD, Larry describes how being a care partner to his husband has taught him the importance of taking care of himself. In doing so, he touches on Jeff’s journey with FTD and shares how they have chosen to cope with the disease.

“The truth is – caregivers are rarely asked how we are doing,” he says in the post. “That’s why I’m very honest – sometimes what some call brutally so – about the wide range of feelings I experience … I think it’s important to talk about the toll that comes with constant caregiving. People need to know what it’s like and what they can do to help.”

The post is part of WebMD’s “My Experience” series and is by Larry, as told to Emmy-award winning journalist Jennifer Clopton. You can click here to read it online.

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