Colorado Man Shares How News Interview Led to FTD Diagnosis

Dan Keuning9NEWS

Dan Keuning began to realize something was wrong with his health after re-watching an interview he did two years ago with a local news station. Soon after, the 47-year-old was diagnosed with behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD).

A former county coroner, Keuning speaks about his FTD journey and shares how he is learning to cope in an interview with 9NEWS, an NBC News affiliate in Colorado.

Keuning initially spoke to the station about his career in 2018 – the interview that later helped to reveal his condition. Dan struggled with finding words during the interview, which he noticed while reviewing the news segment several months after it aired.

The disease has manifested itself in symptoms such as poor impulse control, memory impairment, and lack of judgment. Throughout the segment, Keuning’s wife Lisl talks about the economic and emotional burden that FTD has imposed on their family, and describes the experience as isolating.

Keuning wrote about his diagnosis in a recent issue of AFTD’s Help & Hope newsletter, sharing how his experience teaching a young man to fish helped him find a sense of purpose and joy in this journey. He encourages others impacted by FTD to do the same.

“I want people to know that you can live with this disease and still find joy,” he told 9NEWS.

You can watch the segment here.

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