AFTD Staff and Volunteer Featured in “Caregiver Solutions” Show

Caregivers Solution Show AFTD

In a recent episode of the Caregiver Solutions Info show, AFTD staff joined host Marcia Teele to discuss World FTD Awareness Week and AFTD’s fall fundraising and awareness campaigns.

AFTD Education Program Manager William Reiter and Fundraising Coordinator Brittany Andrews were guests on the Oct. 5 episode of the Caregivers Solution Info show, which focuses on dementia and family caregivers. The hour-long discussion included education on FTD and its subtypes, along with information about this year’s World FTD Awareness Week.

AFTD Ambassador Katie Zenger also took part in the episode discussing her personal connection to FTD. Zenger’s father, Stephen Zenger, was diagnosed with behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD) in 2014; he died January 28 due to FTD-related complications.

“It’s a hard caregiving process. It’s hard to have a loved one have any kind of FTD diagnosis. I’m here to try to make people feel like they’re not alone because this can feel so isolating,” Zenger shared in the episode.

Andrews discussed AFTD’s flagship fundraising campaign Food for Thought (Sept. 26-Oct. 10), now in its ninth year. She also spoke about the return of the #FTDHotshotchallenge, a community-driven campaign created by AFTD volunteers. The challenge, conducted in partnership with Food for Thought, engages individuals to film themselves drinking a shot of hot sauce, tag five friends, and donate to AFTD in support of FTD research.

Watch the full Caregivers Solutions Info Show episode here.

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