AFTD Medical Advisor Discusses FTD on Dementia Matters Podcast

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Dr. Howard Rosen, a member of the AFTD Medical Advisory Council, recently spoke about understanding and managing FTD on a recent episode of the Dementia Matters podcast.

The episode offers an overview of FTD, including information about disease symptoms and diagnosis, as well as its genetic and non-genetic risk factors. Rosen also speaks about the course of the disease, and the experience of family and caregivers in the FTD journey.

Rosen, who is a behavioral neurologist at the University of California San Francisco Memory and Aging Center, also spoke about FTD research in a bonus episode of Dementia Matters that aired on January 28. Rosen is a co-principal investigator of the ALLFTD network, a National Institutes of Health-funded research consortium that targets FTD progression and treatment.

You can listen to both episodes here.

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