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Graphic: Wall Street Journal article shares story of gynecologist's five years of FTD uncertainty

Wall Street Journal Article Shares Story of Gynecologist’s Five Years of FTD Uncertainty

An article published in the Wall Street Journal shares the difficult journey former gynecologist Dr. Seth L….

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Graphic: New York Times Magazine Chronicles a Family Living with the Threat of Genetic FTD. Photo via nytimes.com, illustration by Najeebah Al-Ghadban

New York Times Magazine Chronicles a Family Living with the Threat of Genetic FTD

The cover story of the July 23 issue of the New York Times Magazine chronicles the experiences…

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motivated by love driven by anger article on FTD journey image

“Motivated by Love, Driven by Anger” – News Report Highlights Advocacy Efforts of Milwaukee Couple on FTD Journey

A June 30 report by the Milwaukee news station TMJ4 highlighted the advocacy efforts of church administrator…

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finding support for your FTD journey image

Tips & Advice: Finding Support for Your FTD Journey

Isolation is common for persons diagnosed, care partners, and family members on the FTD journey, as FTD…

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culturally diverse peoples delay in bvFTD study image

People with Non-English First Language Have Delayed bvFTD Symptom Onset, Study Shows

Researchers at the University of Sydney discovered that Australians born overseas who spoke a first language other…

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woman shares tumultuous FTD journey image

“I Vowed to Take Care of Him; Then He Filed for Divorce” – Article Shares Woman’s Tumultuous FTD Journey

In a recent article published on the website The Cut, author Katherine Nichols shares the tumultuous FTD…

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alyssa nash discusses genetic FTD status image

Iowa Woman Discusses Her Genetic FTD Status in Fox News Interview

Alyssa Nash, a 27-year-old hospital receptionist, shared her experiences on the FTD journey and learning she carries…

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FTD can produce creative spark in some image

FTD Can Produce a Creative Spark in Some, Study Finds

Brain atrophy patterns specific to FTD can let loose previously suppressed creative abilities in some people diagnosed…

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what do people with PPA want from speech-language therapy image

“What Do People with PPA Want from Speech-Language Therapy?” Recent Study Asks

A study published in the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders explores the needs of people…

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researchers review efficacy of cognitive exams image

Researchers Review Efficacy of Cognitive Exams in Recent Study

Researchers set out to evaluate the efficacy of three prominent cognitive exams used to screen people for…

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