Philly Inquirer Highlights Challenges of Phone Use in Dementia

Phone and dementia

A recent Philadelphia Inquirer article draws attention to the challenges involved in phone use for persons diagnosed with FTD and other types of dementia that affect decision-making capabilities and memory.

Reporter Stacey Burling elaborates on the risks of phone use spurred by cognitive decline, a growing issue as members of a generation more familiar with advanced technology develop dementia. While the headline points to Alzheimer’s disease, Burling notes that people with FTD are “especially vulnerable” due to impaired judgment and impulsivity.

The article features the stories of multiple people impacted by dementia, including persons diagnosed and family members. For Eric Hofer, whose wife has FTD and mother suffered a stroke at age 99, robocalls are particularly concerning. He advises against the use of landlines and suggests families find an alternative way to communicate with relatives who have dementia or are aging.

While phones can present many challenges for families faced with a dementia diagnosis, technology can also serve as a lifeline. The article also includes potential solutions for families facing phone-related challenges, including suggestions for alternative methods of communication and ways to talk about phones with a person who has dementia.

Click here to read the article on the Inquirer website.

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